I've been keeping a bullet journal-like daily planner for years, probably since 2007. In that time I've used everything from Moleskine to Field Notes; I have a drawer full of notebooks.

This Bullet Keeper has everything I need - just enough open space for me to make it my own with just enough structure to keep me focused on being productive. I don't really use the month calendars very much (I mostly use Google Calendar for that) but this new version (I've been using their previous version of this notebook) comes with two bookmarks - that may allow me to have one on the calendar and one on the week. I might find myself using the monthly calendars more if I use the bookmarks in that manner.

The big block of open pages at the back is great for habit tracking and general note taking. I've never noticed any ink bleeding, but then, I generally just use a Zebra F-402 ballpoint.

Lastly, the overall construction is top-notch. It even comes in a fancy box! Something you rarely see in a notebook. - Brian Timmeron June 15, 2018


I work 2 jobs, focus on growing my own personal business & brand as well as fit in family & love life.

This bullet keeper helps me manage all of this in a single place. It's perfectly laid out and it's blank which is perfect, get creative! And damn it's made with quality  -Megan Lilly on Jun 15, 2018

The planner helps me structure my workweek without the added extra sections that other planners I’ve tried come with - Andres Camejoon June 20, 2018