Bullet Keeper Brand Guideline

This brand guideline reflects the culture and personality of the Bullet Keeper brand & that of the people who work hard on it.


Our vision, goals, and values. Everything there is to know about us.
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How we think of the world, what we value, and what we do to make things happen.
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Our design and what lies behind it. Everything you wanted to know about what looks how and why.
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Defining colors of Bullet Keeper and the meaning behind them.
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The correct and incorrect ways of using our logo that all of our partners should know.
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Bullet Keeper is committed to freedom. We believe that there every path is different, and everybody should have their own way in how they live their lives. That’s why we created Bullet Keeper where our customers can do what they want to do and how they want to do it.


Bullet Keeper aims for bringing out the creative side of everybody as we believe that there lies creativity in all of us, it just has to be discovered. We offer different types of products to match everybody’s needs and to make all customers able to reach their full potential, be it regarding creativity or productivity. Bullet Keeper also helps customers stay organized, in their own way as it’s most convenient for them. We don’t offer dated journals, only undated ones so that everybody can be productive in their own way, at their own pace.


Bullet Keeper values a healthy state of mine. For it, both creativity and productivity are needed. Creativity stimulates the mind and calms the heart, whereas productivity enables one to reach their full human potential. With us, productivity has never been easier and more creative.


Bullet Keeper is friendly, not formal. We aim to keep in touch with our customers as much as possible. We try to be reachable and listen to what they say so that we can constantly improve our products based on their constructive feedback.


Bullet Keeper is quiet, not harsh. We went for a minimalistic style when designing our journals. The reason for this is that we believe the focus should be on the inside of the journal. The content, the art that our customers create deserves the spotlight. We also found it more customer-friendly to have something simple that can be “pimped up” with, let’s say stickers, and made funky if one desire was that, rather than the other way around.


The color palette of Bullet Keeper consists of shades of black, white, turquoise, and a light beige color. The main color that we use for menu bars, titles, sub-titles, and buttons is turquoise. The secondary color is dark grey, the complementary color is light beige, and we also use a lighter version of black and white occasionally.