Bullet Keeper has more than one type of logo.

The Bullet Keeper logo follows a minimalistic design, just like our journals do. The color of the original logo is black on a white background. The full logo shows the BK abbreviation and features the full brand name too, in a specific font.


Bullet keeper


In some cases, when the main logo cannot be used for some reason, the same logo concept but with reversed colors can be applied. That is, a white logo on a black background.

Bullet keeper


Incorrect usage of the Bullet Keeper logo:

The Bullet Keeper logo should not be manipulated, stretched, distorted, cropped, or altered in any way.

Never attempt to create the logo yourself, change the font, or alter the size or proportions.

Do not animate, color, rotate, skew, or apply any effects to the logo.

Do not separate the elements.

Do not reproduce visual identities with frames or borders.

Do not alter proportions in any way. All elements should remain proportional to each other.


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