We’ve all been there: buying planners that tell us what to do on each page. It can get exhausting when every page is filled with boxes making you fill out your “priorities” or “tasks” and in the end you end up utilizing 25% of your planner… the monthly calendar and some weekly pages.

It is time we become our own BOSS. We make our pages what we want them to be. With BK’s unstructured plan, we give YOU the freedom to structure your life, your way. With all the extra dot-grid space, the BK is a powerful mind-mapping tool. Create aesthetic workout routines, meal prepping recipes, event lists, and so on. The BK family is inspirational, creative, and filled with a purpose.

I created Bullet Keeper to stand out; making it fit for all stages of life, and helping people achieve a passionate life, like I did.

Productivity. Goals. Clarity. Living a passionate life - Bullet Keeper is built on these values.

"No wind blows in favor of a ship without direction" - Seneca

By writing your goals and scheduling your time, you are already ahead of many. These habits will provide clarity over your decisions in life and will help answering questions such as,

Should I stay home and learn x skills which is relevant to my career, or should I go with my friends out?

Should I eat the cake or delay gratification a bit and eat the veggies?

And this is exactly how scheduling and writing your goals in BulletKeeper can help you. It can provide motivation and discipline from the long term when these questions creep on you. And they will. When you're tired, vulnerable and want that boost of dopamine. They will question your decisions, and if you don't have those decisions tied to a long-term goal and purpose, then it'll be easy to sacrifice the future for a better present.

We've written about the difference between pen-paper and electronic journals here. However, I think there are many other benefits of a true pen paper style.